Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Zero Friends Forever" Now Available


NY Comic Con has come and gone and amidst the new friends, the old friends, the zerofriends, and the photobombing stingray during my signings, we released a bunch of new items that ended up wrapped around the chests and clinging to the walls of some of New York's finest nerds! But now, as we settle back in to Oakland, CA, we are proud to announce that all of our new prints (and a couple new surprise shirts!) are on sale NOW exclusively on our webstore,

Click on any of the pics or links to go become BEST FRIENDS, ahem...I mean ZERO FRIENDS FOREVER!

Featuring some full sized 17" x 22" Limited Giclee Prints like this one called "Hang In There"

And also we have some special new "New York" additions to our Monster Print line!

And lastly, we finally have a new hoodie and a new GIRL'S TANK!