Thursday, April 2, 2009

Win a FREE Painting from me....FOR FREE! IT'S FREE!

First off, if you were one of the few hundred who helped out Jon last week and entered to win a free tiny print, here is the deal. If you received a "CONGRATS" email, then you will still get your print in mid-April. If not, I am sorry, we actually extended the print run to 500 because we got such a great response but we had to stop there. So yah, congrats, and THANK YOU.

Secondly, in what might be the greatest giveaway in history, other than when Lady Gaga gave her virginity away to a 13 year old raver, UPPER PLAYGROUND is GIVING AWAY A SIX-FOOT-TALL ORIGINAL PAINTING BY ME, FOR FREE! Not like. even "kinda" free, but really just for free. Go check out the contest rules and see all that good stuff over at UPPER PLAYGROUND.

Direct link to contest info and rules:

Here is the painting you are gonna be forced to put up in your igloo (yah, i'm talking to you, too, Eskimos! Even YOU can win!) It's 4 Feet x 6 Feet and was painted in Atlanta when I was on the SPARKS tour.

And here is the an in-progress shot so you can see, in comparison to all 7-feet of Nate Van Dyke, how big the piece is....

And lastly, if you STILL need more proof why you should want it, here is some video footage of what went into the creation of it. Answer: Latex, spray paint, Sparks, acrylics, and fucking SHENNANIGANS...