Monday, April 20, 2009

2 New Prints Released this past weekend!

So, I just got home from a 2-day paint-a-thon with Skinner and the Internet, and my skin, surprise, got burnt, leaving me looking like a bright red version of the dude from Alien Nation, but i'll fill you in on more of my weekend later, as my brain is oatmeal and my heart is swimming laps in my chest.

However, before I crash out, i wanted to let you know that, over the weekend, Zerofriends released 2 BRAND NEW LIMITED EDITION PRINTS, and both of them test the limitations of our Futuristic Printers from the year 2029 as the prints contain colors that you can only create by force-feeding LSD to a rainbow and then, while it's peaking, choking it until it vomits sunshine.

You can purchase the prints by clicking HERE or clicking on any of the photos!

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direct link to image:

The first print is called "THE DAY I KILLED MY FATHER" and was originally created for an art show with Harley Davidson.
Pricing Info:
"The Day I Killed My Father"
By Alex Pardee.
Limited Edition Of 200.
17" x 22" Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag.
Each print is hand signed and numbered by Alex Pardee.

The theme of the art show where this painting was displayed was "rebellion", so I decided to create a painting based around a really sad journal page that I found out by the creek near my studio. here is what was written in the journal:

"October 24, 1987
I never really wanted to write anything in here except stories about dragons and Cyclopses and stuff before. But today is different…
After I was born my mom produced an overabundance of white blood cells in her body because of a disease. So whenever she would try to eat, the blood cells would think that the food was an enemy, and they would attack the food by making her vomit it up. By the time I was 4, Mom weighed 79 pounds and all she could eat was rice, bananas, and plums. Dad never believed she was sick. He used to say it was ‘cause of guilt for her cheating on him before I was born. He said she felt bad ‘cause she knew in her heart that he wasn’t my real Dad. But Mom never cheated, and Dad was really my Dad. Either way, Dad’s always hated me. So when Mom starved to death when I was 9, Dad started being extra mean to me.
He made me mow the lawn every day, which wasn’t that bad, except he made me bite down on a piece of wood to keep my muscles tight while I did it so that I would “get my man-strength”. But all it did was cut my mouth with splinters. He hit me a lot. Mostly when I would talk about Mom, or when I would beg to sleep inside ‘cause it was too cold in the shed. And he would make me shoot things too. “G’head, you point that rifle at them bunnies and you pull that trigger to get some fuckin’ hair on that little girl chest ‘a yours!” So I did it. Bunnies, squirrels, even the occasional cat that hopped our fence just because it was OUR property, he said. And it wasn’t even for food. Dad was a vegetarian.
My childhood was disgusting.
But after 13 years, I finally rebelled.
Today was the day that I killed my father.

October 25, 1987
I slept through the night. And for the first time in my life, I remembered my dreams.
I dreamt that my life is finally…going to be beautiful."

Here is an up close detail of the image.

The second print is titled "THE DELUSIONIST" and was originally created for my "Scratches & Abrasions" show at SURU in LA, and is a portrait of a guy named Greg that I shared a room with when I was in the mental hospital years ago. Dude was way crazier than I was.

Direct link to Delusionist Image:

Print Info:
"The Delusionist"
By Alex Pardee.
Limited Edition Of 200.
17" x 22" Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag.
Each print is hand signed and numbered by Alex Pardee.

And here is a detail of the Delusionist print.

Thank you for your support.