Monday, April 20, 2009

My weekend debauchery report including painting the internet

Damn, I know its horrible to complain about the heat, so instead I will complain about what the heat DOES to humans, which is KILL THEM IF IT GETS TOO HOT.
Im sweat-typing, which just means that i can't hunch over my keyboard and type like normal because if i do, every 4th letter I will watch a bead of sweat kamikaze itself onto a random letter-key and spread out through the nooks and crannies of the keyboard just seraching for placed to RUIN ANYTHING ELECTRONIC. Thus, the lack of super-informative post about my weekend that I promised right now.
Instead, I will let Katie from JUXTAPOZ do the tell you all about me helping out with a big HURLEY x YOUTUBE mural with Me, Skinner, Jeben Berg and Jason Maloney, since she just reported about my it beautifully over on the Juxtapoz Blog, so go check out some more pics and info now....