Monday, April 27, 2009


I know I haven't recently mentioned the CHADAM ANIMATED SERIES that I have been working on for almost 2 years now, but that's only because all of the exciting stuff I am forced to keep secret. Anyway, a handful of secrets that I have been almost to the point of physically leaking out of my pores has been unleashed like the Krakken today, courtesy of my favorite sci-fi blog, io9. I will not bore you with the details, but i WILL tell you that after you check this out, you should know that these 2 days of production were one of, if not THE, coolest days of my professional life. Seriously. I simultaneously shook, drooled, and smiled like Miley the entire 48 hours. Go check it out, more updates soon. Chadam is going to rule the school. The team that is producing it and slaving over it is incredible!

Chadam Voice-Over Exclusive from io9 on Vimeo

Direct link to io9 article:

More to come! stay tuned!!