Friday, April 10, 2009

Twitter Feed (me Seymour)

I have been too busy to do any real updates in a week or so, i apologize, been working on the CAGE album, DEPART FROM ME... nonstop, its almost done. In the meantime, i have been rocking the Twitterverse pretty hard, so until i can do a better update, there will be a couple of twitter feeds in case you dont follow me. and if you dont use twitter you will probably look at this post like Keanu did the first time he saw that the matrix was just a bunch of retarded numbers.....

21:28 tired of shitty streaming movies. Going to go rent some, forget to take them back and fucking pay for them like god intended me to. #
21:38 Let's play "what does blockbuster smell like today"? Answer: the underside of a piece of deer shit. #
22:31 COOL! I cut out fast food and soda for a week and i lost....wait, i gained 3 pounds?? What the fuck? Oh well, taco bell, here i come. #
22:33 RT @Jayreason: when farting turns ugly #
23:57 how ironic. watching clive barkers midnight meat train exactly at midnight. hmm. #
00:38 RT @ChaunceyCC: I love all the new iPod technology. The next thing apple should do is make one that lasts more than 7 months That'd be sweet #
02:21 Thanks to @shabooty, I was finally able to put together a video review for WATCHMEN. Enjoy: #
03:42 late nite deli run turned into a run-IN as i literally ran into an angry hispanic crackhead who looked like a leper buttfucked her face. #
04:23 These late nights early mornings are killing me. I'm Danny Gloverin' this shit. Goodnight. See you in 5 hours. Maybe I'll shower. Prob not. #
04:43 Instead of sleep I guess I'm watching harpers island. Oh well, I DO need another drama featuring the guy who fucks furniture In my life. #
11:07 To my disappointment the movie "Affliction" isnt an action movie about the shittiest clothing line ever. Maybe the movie "Ed Hardy" wil be #
11:39 It takes one extra step to go from bathrobe to jacket so why would you go to 7-11 in your bathrobe? I'm asking YOU, creepy. #
12:26 #FollowFriday the zerofriends crew: @babydropper @thepizzadude @Pbustamante @austenrules @davecorreia @CRAOLA #
12:34 #FollowFriday the beautiful geeks: @cyborgturkey @Steve_Buscemi @ThatChrisGore @nerdist @MdellW @bonniegrrl @james_gunn @JhonenV #
12:38 #FollowFriday Lastly, the CCITY: @benngrimcc @Jayreason @therealelp @chrispalko @ChaunceyCC @FSEANCC @yakballz #
13:06 i just did the most amazing thing in this insanely important time of deadlines. I destroyed Photoshop. Accidentally. And regretfully. #
13:34 Getting mad at someone who Twitters too much is like getting mad at someone for TALKING in a CHAT ROOM. #
16:02 yah my twitter is fucked too. cant see anyones posts. gonna chill on it for a bit. wait it out, hope it fixes itself, like teenage pregnancy #
17:03 Thanks to @Cometbus my photoshop was saved, unlike Rob Schneider's future. #
17:05 Back to work, finishing up the @chrispalko album package. about 20 more hours of work on it and about negative 3 days until deadline. Nice. #
17:06 By the way, that wasnt a complaint. this album is incredible to work on. beware. #
17:11 Example of turning a negative into a positive: "This fucking bread is STALE.....but wait....MAYBE this is just a DELICIOUS and HUGE crouton" #
17:43 RT @Nebulon5: @alexpardee depart from me will be a great album. word. - INDEED IT WILL BE:) #
17:59 Awesome news! The first prototype for my officially licensed Bunnywith Dumb Potato Body came in today! Don't TELL! #
19:33 RT @bonniegrrl: "Do you have any credit?" "No." "You have to see the Special Man!" #
19:58 At a buffalo wings spot In Novato with @rickywatts that I had no idea was here. #