Thursday, July 19, 2012

"The Stormy Knight Rises" Variant Print now available

Holy trilogy, Batman. We are back from Comic Con, still recovering by sitting puddles of our own nerd-flu sweat and making ourselves #WayCooler in the meantime.
However, WE CAN'T REST FOR LONG! Because tonight, the night of all nights, a movie that we have been waiting for since Harvey Dent got his face dented at the end of the Dark Knight, beginsssssss.
(Not that this print has anything to do with that movie btw.)
In celebration of Christian Bale making it through a movie without a meltdown, Catwoman's potentially unflattering outfit, Bane's bane Freeman's 3-dimensional freckles, Zerofriends is proud to announce a brand new "Stormy Knight" variant colorway print featuring the color scheme and mood of "The Dark Knight Rises". The original, classic Blue and Gray colorway sold out quickly at Comic Con last week so now is the chance to get your crimefighting claws on this new limited variant. It's a way better thing to put over your bed to watch over you than Robin is.

"The Stormy Knight Rises"
By Alex Pardee
22" x 17"
Limited Edition of 100