Monday, July 30, 2012

Inter(net)view me!

So, as I announced a couple of weeks ago, I'm curating and art directing the entire upcoming Halloween issue of JUXTAPOZ magazine and I have collected a pretty rad bunch of weirdos to join me for the ride.

Now, however, JUXTAPOZ asked me to find someone to interview ME for the issue. So, giving it some thought, one of the main aspects of any kind of success that I have found with my art has to be given credit to the fact that blindly embraced the Internet in the late 90's and started figuring out ways to try to share my art online. And surprisingly, 15 years later, the Internet is still playing a huge part of my career. So my response to JUXTAPOZ was "The Internet knows me pretty well. Can I have The Internet interview me?" 

JUXTAPOZ said yes. So that means that for the next 48 hours I'm asking YOU, my invisible cyber friends who have equally made me smile, inspired me, laughed at me, supported me, and even in some cases infuriated me more than both Fantastic Four movies combined, to ask me any questions you want me to answer.
I can't promise that I will answer all of them, but I'm going to be working with Juxtapoz on answering as many as I can and compiling them into either something that makes a bit of sense, or a complete mess of words. Either way, I'm excited to read some good questions.

So here's a link to my Juxtapoz FORMSPRING page where I will be accepting questions from now until the morning of August 2 and answering them in the Halloween issue of Juxtapoz Magazine, on sale this October!


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