Thursday, September 23, 2010

Movie Knights #2 recap: SLEEPAWAY CAMP!

Well, needless to say, last night's Sleepaway Camp "Movie Knights" event at the Zerofriends SF store was a blast. The dicks were flying, the s'mores were on fire, and the night stayed as young as a 13-year old boy-girl!

We had a sold-out night and over half of the people had never seen Sleepaway Camp before so it was really fun keeping the secret the whole time amongst a mixture of vague dick and tranny jokes.

The night started with illegal s'mores inside the store.
We then moved into about 30 minutes of "camp-related trailers" ranging from Friday the 13th, Tourist Trap, The Burning & Cabin Fever, to Jesus Camp, Grizzly Man & The Care Bears Movie.

Then we set it off with the feature film, "Sleepaway Camp", and capped the night off with a one in a million raffle prize. Check out the adventures below and thanks everyone for coming out and hanging. Next week (THURSDAY, not weds next week) is "BEASTMASTER" Being co-hosted by the one and only SKINNER!!!

First things first, your friendly but authoritative counselors welcome you in, rape-whistle and all! (note to nerds: Yes, I am aware that the correct camp is Camp Arawak depicted in the film, but for "theme" sake, i chose to go with a more blatant title. Suck it, nerds.

And like most good camp counselors, drinking is an important skill for the job.

And these amazing and supportive campers from Bunk 15 even brought homemade brownies and cookies. They = rule.

For the second week, artist Robert Bowen showed up to watch everyone's reaction to the "ballsy" ending of Sleepaway Camp.

And brothers from the same mothers…Robert & Paul.

Title: Close-up of my delicious milk. 2010 Medium: Camera.

TIME TO MAKE SOME WHORES! I mean….s'mores!

What's a campfire without Dave Correia and I catching on fire?

Sean Leopard joins in on the burning sensation that my face was having….

And why stop at the face, let's stab and burn my neck, too!!! That marshmallow looks like Optimus Prime.

FInally, some whores are ready to eat! I mean…s'mores. I keep mixing them up!! they are BOTH delicious.

Hey FOOD NETWORK, look how perfect these are! Almost as good as our cake last week.

Welcome back to our state of the art theater, lined in the finest torso-linens. Sleepaway Camp is about to begin…

Light's out! Packed house.

After the twist was revealed, I made sure everyone who showed up went home with a signed "ANGELA" print as a thank you.

Close up of the print. Don't worry, I won't zoom in any closer. This is a semi-safe distance.

But WAIT!!!! That's not all, there's another twist! WHO HAS THE WINNING RAFFLE TICKET FOR THE GRAND PRIZE!!!??

GRAYSON HAD IT! YAY, GRAYSON!!! YOU WON! What is that you won???


And thus, the night has come to a severed end. Thanks again. shit was fun.

Oh, and btw, in celebration of the event last night, my "ANGELA" PRINT IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE TO PURCHASEHERE

See you next week!