Sunday, September 19, 2010

Calvin & Hobbes photo recap!

Yesterday N8 Van Dyke and myself got together at the Zerofriends SF store and hung out for a few hours, painted, and played that ol' Slave/Master game that always seems to occur whenever he and I cross paths. The place was warm, humid and crowded but SO chill and everyone was awesome. So thank you for coming out and hanging with us while we made offensive jokes and attempted to turn a mess into a messterpiece. We had a pile of fun.

We didnt know if we were going to be able to translate our detailed collab-sketch into a rendition that would do it justice, but we decided to try anyway.

As usual, Nate doesn't let me get too close to him when he's working...

...and then he tells me what to do all nonchalantly while i quiver.

Rockstartist HUCK GEE stopped by to show me that his beard is still better than mine. As is his lady.

Nate finally let me touch the canvas at the same time as him. Thanks Nate!

Not sure if the crowd was watching us paint or wondering how we fit Nate in the store.

And Duncan Blackman, who does a ton of amazing effects work for movies like Transformers, Pirates & Indiana Jones came to show Nate and I that he has been working on his height and ALMOST is as tall as Nate, but still has a couple inches to go. Maybe next year!

Nate thought it was a good time to show me how good his Popeye impression is.....

But we both know that mine is way better.

Like Tupac, we got shot.

Most of Nate's day was spent yelling at me. That's ok tho, i was messing up a lot. Discipline.

The UPPER PLAYGROUND crew each showed the camera how many beers it would take to have sex with Nate. 3, 4, and 2!

And a HUGE shout out to Carlos (left) and Ryan (right) who stayed and hung with us from start to finish! So much support its crazy.

Our finished paint-baby. Title: "Calvin & Hobbes". Acrylic and ink on stretched Wompa skin.

I poured a 4Loko out next to the tree in front of the store and then thought "shit, what if this insanely-should-be-illegal drink hurts the tree?" Then both Nate and I both referenced an old Calvin & Hobbes strip where Calvin peed on the tree outside his window and it killed the tree. Thus, the title seemed fitting.

Come stop by the store this week as our painting will be hanging up for a while. We are going to raffle it off somehow, so stay tuned.
AND, speaking of RAFFLES, we have tried twice to contact the 10 print-raffle winners from Sketch 4 Sketch, but have only heard back from 3 of you! please check your email! We have prizes to send you!

Word, see you this wednesday, as the movie of the week for Movie Knights is gonna be SLEEPAWAY CAMP!