Thursday, September 16, 2010

Movie Knights #1: CREEPSHOW!

So last night the Zerofriends crew and I played an hour-long game of Extreme Store Makeover and flipped the store upside down like we were piledriving it, and turned it from the store….into the fanciest home movie theater that 40 dollars can buy! If it weren't for the shirts hanging up, the cash register, and the sale signs, you wouldn't even know that it wasn't a REAL movie theater.

Anyway, our first night of The Movie Knights was amazing, and like Rain Man on a perfect night in Vegas, we had a full house. I got to nerd out to fans about why Creepshow, which was our first theme/movie for the Movie Knights shows, plays such an important role in my creative life, in addition to being my favorite movie and first genuine horror movie my baby eyes ever saw at my older sister's slumber party around 1983, which I wasn't really supposed to be at, but ya know, i smelled horror even at that age, so I had to see where the smell was coming from, and fell in love with horror from that moment.

So yah, there were a few hiccups in the selling of the limited prints, and the organization, and some stuff will change as far as print sales and stuff for the coming weeks so stay tuned, but overall it was rad.
Thanks to everyone who came out to our first Knight, and stay tuned as I will be announcing the remaining Movie Knights parties/schedule in a couple days. But just remember, every Weds for the next 2 months we are doing this! Come down and support and have horrific fun:)

Check out some pics from the night:

Remember that time we all went to the movies and the walls had these really cool decorations?! What, those were just SHIRTS? Weird, I had no idea!

To hydrate the wonderful crowd, we supplied bottles of Meteor Shit, bottled by Jordy Verrill himself.

I'm either in the middle of talking about why I love Creepshow, or I'm standing in front of everyone telling that pizza next to me how much of it is gonna go in my mouth.

Oh, MOST of it is going in my mouth. Score!

Hidden amongst the small crowd of patrons was none other than amazing man Aesop Rock, who also loves pizza, movies, meteor shit, and fun. Aesop Rock also just launched a new site called 900Bats that has a ton of original content from some creative geniuses. Check it out nowwwww.

And artist and Creepshow-extraordinaire Robert Bowen also came to support and eat cake. Wait….there was CAKE?

YEP! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! In celebration of dotty old great Aunt Bedilia, Dave Correia GOT OUR CAKE.

And then we ate face.

And soon, face was almost gone….Face was delicious.

Darkness ensues.

Nik Burman even drew our first Movie Knights fan art WHILE WATCHING CREEPSHOW IN THE DARK! So rad.

Some of the group that made it to midnight! Thanks guys!

I made a CD full of secrets for everyone that stayed till the end!

What started out as intention to make cake, started becoming a forensic experiment.

Maniac Dave Correia and I being so excited that we were making something SO realistic. That's not frosting on my lip, i promise. Its a disease. I call it sugarlips.
Thanks again, see you next week for our special Summer Camp WEEK!