Monday, September 15, 2008

My art book "AWFUL / HOMESICK" available to buy NOW!!

Hello, sweet wonders of beauty!
I am on the road right now, just got back from the Dirty South last night (everyone there was amazing and Killer Mike and Lee Harvey Oswald killed it, pics coming soon) and i jumped right on a plane to Orange County to paint an 18 foot tall wall in Costa Mesa. Its hot and im sweating in places i didnt know i could sweat, like my elbows.
But quickly before i run back out, I wanted to let you know that my very first art book, "AWFUL / HOMESICK", published by Upper Playground, is now available to buy online at
ZEROFRIENDS, and YES, we do ship worldwide!!!
Check out some samples below, its bananas. I'm really stoked. and full of Elbow-sweat.
We only have a limited number of the books for now so act like a cheetah and buy them shits and eat a zebra.

Clicking on any of the pics below will also take you directly to the Zerofriends store.
Thank ya.

Direct link to purchase:

we rule.