Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Headbutts, sweat, and alcoholic awesome....

Just got off of a horribly long, antsy, bumpy ride from Boston. The tour with N8 and Sam has been insane and i have learned a lot, such as the following:

On the rare instance that I fall asleep on a plane, I snore.

When the humidity is high, my body goes into a sweat seizure and cries sweat from places I had no idea possible. Like my eyelids and my forearms.

I have almost completely lost both of my eyebrows. Like that movie Powder.

When attempting to sound smart by referencing ancient cultures, triceratopses, and football-shaped babies, I actually sound dumb.

I will never be envious of a headbutt.

I still get ridiculously nervous whenever I paint in public even though everyone that watches is nice and supportive.

When I am nervous, I steal things from said nice people. Case in point, I signed a bunch of sketchbooks and things for some fans, and each one I asked if they had a pen to draw/sign with. When I got to the hotel, I had a pocket full of 30 or more pens. I'm sorry.

Sam Flores may have seen more movies than me. Which is crazy.

A good amount of bonding can occur over a tense "total recall" conversation.

It is scary when the loudspeaker on a plane says "if there is a doctor on board we have a medical emergency".

Red bull hates sparks and often sabotages them.

The roads in Boston were all designed by extraordinary engineer Stevie Wonder.

Secondhand smoke tastes the same in other states.

I learned some more, but as to not bore you, here are a small collection of photos from the 2 stops so far, as well as some video footage. Enjoy, and attention Phoenix, prepare to feel my elbow sweat, as I'm sure its hot as shit down there next week.

(no captions necessary. use your wonderful power of imagination)


click this one to see the whole thing

and the wonderful video from Atlanta, directed and edited by Alex Tarrant.
Boston Video soon.

I don't know how i'm going to survive Phoenix...