Monday, September 8, 2008

AGENDA Photos from Bartertown

Just got back from hanging at the Agenda Trade Show in San Diego (yah, 2 trips to the whale's vagina in 3 weeks!) where we debuted the new line of Zerofriends shirts and prints that will be released for purchase around Halloween. The show was fun, and everyone seemed to love the new shit, which is rad. i am so used to Comic con where just walking around feels like the opening to Saving Private Ryan, the fact that this was a more intimate show (it wasn't open to the general public) was a well-needed relief.
Most of the show was spent with me huddled in a corner with my back turned in my usual raccoon-like, scared to interact position, as I concentrated on painting a canvas from start to finish, while Sean and DS introduced the line and talked to a gang of people.
But I did get to hang a little with some old friends. TASTES LIKE GOLD and AUGOR drank 20 vodka shots a piece and still managed to destroy a giant dead elephant getting devoured by ghoulies in the lobby. The 1333 Minna Crew knocked everyone on their asses with the sheer quality of their new hats and bags by the homies Reyes, Steel, The Mac, Ben Belsky, and Retna. And Cardboard Robot, New Era, The Hundreds, Obey, RVCA, and Deth Kills were also killin it, as usual!
Also as usual (as of late) I forgot my camera so I don't have any photos of the event, but luckily, THE GLUTTONY was nice enough to post some pics so I lifted some from there.
I wish this post was more clever. Oh well.

The Booth and the Painting:


Some of the new designs, coming SOOOOOONNNNNN...