Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Waycooler 1.1 UPDATE!

For a lot of reasons, this November is different than last November. In fact, even though last November was one of the coolest months I experienced in my life, this November seems to already be WAYCOOLER!

Speaking of things that are WayCooler while segueing into a subtle but necessary advertisement , my FREE iPhone app (coincidentally called "WayCooler") just got it's first official udate! WayCooler now joins most other relative things in history because it now has a POINT. As in... WayCooler Version 1-POINT-1 is now here, and features more NEW FREE creation assets, as well as some reorganization of the assets and some minor software/user tweaks.

So for those of you who are still in the shadows of confusion, and are sitting there thinking "Dude, thats supposed to be a decimal, which doesn't seem to have a point, so what is the point to this free app?" Let me try to explain quickly.

In real life (or IRL as the teenage internet scientists refer to it) in order to make yourself way-cooler you need to do something crazy like don an ALF mask and a vintage Joy Division shirt and instagram a stupid picture of yourself pointing at the shirt with the caption "THIS just happened". However, NOT ANY MORE! Because with my free WayCooler iPhone app you can make ANYTHING #waycooler with just a few swipes and taps of your lanky digits.

It's pretty self explanatory once you open it and start playing with it, so give it a try. It's FREE! You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE. Android version still in the works!
If you need some more convincing, check out this explanatory video directed by my favorite champion corgy-racer STEPHEN REEDY

And here are a few screen shots and creations that you can make with the new updated 1.1 super version of #WAYCOOLER (built and created by myself and 99centbrains