Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone

As I'm sure you have noticed from your multiple feeds, that I am having a huge online sale starting TONIGHT at Midnight (pacific time) full of slashed prices, new items, and FREE prints. 

However, my company Zerofriends is not the only independent art/clothing/comic company that's having a sale and doing our best to compete with the diminishing small business economy with the ultimate goal of being able to continue offering fun, unique, and often times awesome alternative products to the larger companies that are taking over the world.

So please keep that in mind when you are shopping online, or braving the mobs outside this weekend. There are so many cool independent art companies, clothing companies, etsy stores, and even kickstarter campaigns to contribute to as alternatives to the traditional gift giving of $5 DVDs at Target. I'm sure you've seen some cool shit on the internet by some rogue weirdos this year. Remember them. See what they have. And support, even if it's just with a comment that says "Good job, yo!"

I'm sure I speak for everyone except Vincent Gallo when I say We All Appreciate Your Business.

Happy Thanksgiving.