Monday, November 12, 2012

Skinner's new Webstore is now up and RAD!

One of my favorite human/artist/owl-lovers/shadow-man/gay-activists/parasite/werewolf/trekkie/occultist-power-rangers in the world has a brand new web-store opening RIGHT NOW with all new shirts, glow-in-the-dark posters, limited art prints, toys, patches, and other stuff only demon-hippies can appreciate. That SKINNER! And although some of the shirts might look like they are printed with high-quality screenprinted inks, they are probably printed with Skinner's new patented "TYE-DIARRHEA" printing process.
So take a few moments to check out SKINNER's new "CRITICAL HIT" store and start making your Christmas list early to make sure you get all the delicious chest-morsels that you can get in time for the holidays.
And if you are a regular customer over at Zerofriends, please note that as of now, ALL OF SKINNER'S apparel will be available on HIS NEW STORE, "CRITICAL HIT"

And we JUST got an update from Skinner himself about the launch of his site and he said this:
 "I mean, we are selling things now, and it's going good you know."