Friday, April 20, 2012

Bi-Annual "OOPS!" Print Sale TOMORROW in Oakland!

We all make mistakes. Fortunately for our customers, which is YOU (and hopefully Warwick Davis because that new show of his is incredible), we HATE selling our mistakes. So in the process of getting the highest quality prints and shirts that we can muster, we produce a lot of "Not Perfect Enough" prints during the tweaking process. So we let these lovely child-prints stack up over the year and then hold a bi-annual "OOPS!" Sale (the second being at San DIego Comic Con) where you can get a print that MIGHT have a ding on the corner or might have a 2% difference in blue, for over 60% off of the original price!

So this weekend, at our Oakland retail store, we are having our OOPS Sale, which not only includes huge discounts on out-of-print and hard to find prints, but also t-shirts and anything else we have laying around that has a hole in it (except Abraham Lincoln).

Saturday, April 21

12 - 6PM


489A 25th St (at Telegraph)

Oakland, CA