Monday, April 16, 2012

An Amazing Kickstarter project I'm a part of!

So, with the swiftness of a perfectly folded paper airplane tossed by a gazelle, and the excitement of a volcano about to swallow a virgin, I can finally announce my involvement as a concept artist for an amazing Kickstarter project spearheaded by by good friend, great director and fellow artist Jon Schnepp. You have no doubt seen his work in a couple of pretty nice little projects that he directed already like METAL(awesome)OCAPLYPSE or THE VENTURE (holy shit that's rad) BROTHERS!

Well, now he is taking his creatively beautiful chops and teaming up with Zenoscope Entertainment, Titmouse Animation studios (the best in the west...and east), and a handful of artists to create a new "R-rated" (yay!) animated series and "R-rated" animated movie based around Zenoscope's "Grimm Fairy Tales". Whether you have read this amazing series or not, in the simplest terms, imagine an "R" Rated animated version of the famous fairy tales you grew up with, but with the visual dementia of weirdo-artists (mixed with weirdo JON) making our own versions of the monsters and characters sprinkled throughout these animated worlds, all of us internally competing to be weirder and cooler than each other.

I love Jon, I love fairy tales, I love designing monsters, I love Titmouse, I love Zenoscope and I love the other artists and animators involved (some who have yet to be announced but BILL SIENKEWICZ just got announced along with me! I want this project to get funded simply so i can see Bill's work come to life!!!)

So please take a few minutes out of your day, as our fundraising time is running out, and watch the videos documenting the progress so far, the other creative forces involved, and the cool incentives (like original Dethklok art from Jon himself!), and if you can, let's band together and make some fucked up fairy tales! AHHHHHHHHHHH.

Here is the introduction video about the project and then below is the announcement video of MY involvement in the project that I filmed while on the road on my professional biking tour.
There are more videos, more fun, and links to help finance this amazing project on our OFFICIAL "GRIMM" KICKSTARTER PAGE!