Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Art Show In SLC This Friday!

Coinciding with the festival of the dancing sun or whatever is going on in them there mountains in Utah, Dave Correia and myself will be taking over our favorite gallery in Salt Lake City, BLONDE GRIZZLY this Friday night from 6-9PM showcasing new and old paintings and drawings as well as a fun "participation" wall for you to offer suggestions on how to make Hollywood better, seeing as how most of Hollywood will be up here drinking and open to new ideas that they won't remember.

The show is free, Dave and I will be there to sign things or just to hang out and high five your forehead, and we will also have a ton of new Zerofriends products on hand too. So after you watch that one movie, you know, about the troubled marriage, the wine drinking and the librarian with one leg trying to be an olympic athlete, come on down to the gallery and make fun of some silly paintings! Dave Correia will be showcasing a huge collection of over 30 original drawings taken from his last two published art books, and I will be debuting a brand new series of 15 new paintings called "ICANS". Why am I calling them "Icans"? Glad you didn't really ask, but I'm telling you anyway. Well, because whether SOPA passes or not, I will continue to take any licensed character, or pop culture icon and do whatever I want with it for art's sake, because ICAN. Also, I just want to conduct an ongoing experiment to see if ICAN take any cool icon from pop culture and make it way shittier by "re-imagining" it. So far, much like Hollywood does most of the time, the experiment is a super fun success!

Info and previews below.

The Artwork Of Alex 'n Dave
Friday, Jan 20, 6 - 9PM
15 East 400 South
Salt Lake City, UT

Small section of the art being shown:

"Batperson" By Alex Pardee

"AngelFace" By Dave Correia

"The Hurlk" By Alex Pardee

"Forest" By Dave Correia

"Merlga Man" By Alex Pardee

"Worship" By Dave Correia

And lastly, one of my suggestions for Hollywood:

See you there!!