Thursday, January 5, 2012


While in NY, photographer Chloe Rice and I noticed a strange species of upright Vultures lurking around, feeding off of discarded socks with meat in them, digging through garbage, and fighting humans with swords. We decided to follow one, and it turned out that said vulture was on a quest for a decapitated human head filled with rubies. What followed was a voyeuristic journey through rain, wind, soot and bum-feces as we embraced the new experience of discovering a legendary species of animal: The Advulture: A human/vulture hybrid that lives for adventure. 

Inspired, Chloe went back out hunting and photographed some other advultures as I stayed in and painted what I imagined they would dream about. 

Tomorrow, Friday Jan 6 at the ZEROFRIENDS Retail Store/Gallery in Oakland, I will be displaying a small series of new Advulture paintings alongside a series of Advulture photos that Chloe will be displaying. 

And as usual, the Zerofriends retail store will be open and we have a ton of new stuff for sale. I will be at the opening so come say hi. See you there!

"ADVULTURE TIME" A Small Collection of New Paintings and Photos by Alex Pardee & Chloe Rice


489 25th St In between Telegraph and Broadway


Friday Jan 6

Zerofriends OAK Downtown Oakland 489 25th St. Right in between telegraph and broadway. 6-9pm