Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm Painting LIVE in San Antonio this SATURDAY!

TEXASSSS$$$! I will be hiding in your Alamo basement this Saturday!

Being a huge fan of Pace Picante sauce, Pee Wee Herman, and David Robinson's rookie year,

I will be joining forces with my favorite artists in all of the nether-realm, SKINNER & L'AMOUR SUPREME to paint LIVE in San Antonio this SATURDAY, JAN 28, at THE WHITE RABBIT, starting at 8PM and going all night, unless we finish the butchering of our sacrificial pygmy early:)

There's a lot more specific info over HERE on ArtSlam's site, including some details about OVER 30 OTHER ARTISTS THAT WILL BE PAINTING THERE! (one of them is Cody Schibi, who you NEED to see) but yah, we will be there. Doin shit like this:


I think I'm nervous. Be nice to me, San Antonio, I've never hung out with you before....and I've been smiling a lot lately. I wanna keep doing it!