Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wondercon Signings, New Prints, and BLOOD-RAIN!

Been zoning out to the sound of the jet-lagged bags under my eyes inflating and deflating like heartbeats as I prepare for both WonderCon in SF this weekend (see below) as well as a HUGE new video release tomorrow!

Meanwhile, we just put up 5 new Ltd. Giclee prints on the Zerofriends store, including a good mix of styles & art that I have done over the last year or so. Check out a couple of group yearbook photos here and click on either of them to go see what's new in the Prints section of the ZF online store:)

Wow...this lethargy is making me way less witty than normal. And yes that sound you just heard was the sound of me patting myself on the back for my normal wittiness followed by a punch for being so lame right now. But oh well...

Direct link to the print section:

Now, WONDERCON, which is being held at the MOSCONE CENTER in San Fran this Friday, Sat & Sunday:
Zerofriends will have a booth set up in San Francisco this weekend (Friday, Sat, Sun) at WONDERCON.
I will be signing BOTH Saturday & Sunday, and possibly floating around like a tired Tinkerbell looking at awesomely nerdy stuff on Friday, so come by and say hi:)

Here is the signing schedule, which, in addition to myself, includes signings with SKINNER & Camilla d'Errico!!!!

BOOTH #1125

Signing Schedule:

Saturday, April 3:
12:00 - 2:00: ALEX PARDEE
2:00 - 3:00: CAMILLA D'ERRICO
3:00 - 4:00: SKINNER

Sunday, April 4:
1:00-2:00: ALEX PARDEE
2:00-3:00: SKINNER

In addition to the Zerofriends booth, I will probably be hanging around the booth of 2 of my favorite artists & Zerofriends collaborators, Jon Wayshak (Scrapbook Manifesto) and Dave Corriea (Play With Knives) who will be located in the Small Press section at Booth #SP44, which I highly suggest you go see some of these guys' original art that is there. You will be blown away.

And to celebrate my excitement that Camilla & Skinner will be signing at the ZF Booth, check out this amazing animated video from SKINNER:

Oh yah, and since Wondercon is going on over Easter weekend...Happy Easter 'n shit.