Monday, December 21, 2009

Some fun facts about the contest

I hope everyone is having at least a little fun participating in the "Spirit Of Conviction" Contest and not being too frustrated. Here are some tips and some info about it on my end so you can have all the tools you need to try one last time tomorrow to win! Word.

2. Q: "How do I know what time your clock is set to?? I live somewhere where time is different or something!" It doesn't matter what time any of my personal clocks are set to. I am going by a timestamp on the email, as well as the actual universal time of the world. To see the actual constant PACIFIC STANDARD TIME, you can go to this link:

3. Q: "But like, my email sometimes doesn't send it right away and I don't know for sure because e-mail is invisible and kind of imaginary!" A: That is where the "CHANCE" and "LUCK" of contests come into play. You can send as many emails as you want to if you think that your one email will be at the wrong time.

4. Q: "I know I answered correctly and I sent it at the right time!? Why didn't I win!?" A: The contest is being received EXTREMELY well, and each day, more people enter the contest. To cue you in on our end, yesterday we received over 300 correct answers within seconds of the designated time. We are doing our best to select the winners that fit all of the criteria as closely as possible. Again, that's where a little LUCK needs to come into play:) Additionally, are you sure you answered correctly? Pay CLOSE attention to the film. I will post all of the answers when the contest is done. Some questions are simple. One or 2 were a little tougher.

5. Q: "AAAARGGHUUUGGG. I wannaaaa winnnnn." A:You have one more chance. Good luck, soldier.