Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Yes, my Losties, the above image is a painting I just created, called "The Lockeness Monster", depicting John Locke from my favorite television show, LOST, and his violent bare man-hands bringing recent murderous holiday joy to a genetically engineered, and probably super smart shark created by the Dharma Initiative. "Why in the Swan did you choose to draw something that never happened on that show, Alex? You are stupid" is something I am sure you may be saying right about now. "Oh, Con-trare, Moan Frair" I say in respone to you. (I would have spelled that in correct French spelling but, according to LOST, no one can understand French which is why that signal went unanswered for 17 years or something.)
The scene above DID actually happen, but was deemed too bloody to ever air on television. And it was one of my favorite scenes from Season 2. As pretty much one of the creators of LOST, don't you think I would know that?! Sheesh.
Anyway, what? "Why in Jacob's name did I draw a LOST-related drawing in the first place?" is what you are asking now? Well, duh, I think it's pretty obvious. It was for this SUPER SECRET "LOST" THEMED ART SHOW AT GALLERY 1988 IN LA that is opening secretly TONIGHT, DECEMBER 15! That's right. I said it. Get on it. Here's the official INFO for the opening TONIGHT!

"Ronie Midfew Arts and DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear.com are proud to announce the LOST Underground Art Project, an art show at Gallery1988:LA celebrating one of the greatest television programs of all-time. This event, opening December 15th from 7-10 PM will mark the first time that all 16 prints, released and SOLD OUT over the past 3 months at DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear.com, will be seen in one room! In addition to the prints, over 20 artists will be creating original LOST-inspired paintings and sculptures (all available for purchase!) to commemorate the event. These artists are:

Alex Pardee - Ben Strawn - Carlos Ramos - Chris Ryniak - Dan Lydersen -
Dan May - Danielle Buerli - Edwin Ushiro - Eric Fortune - Jeff McMillan -
Jeremy Asher Lynch - Julian Callos - Ken Garduno - Kirk Demarais -
Lauren Gregg - Leontine Greenberg - Luke Berliner - Mark Bodnar - Mark Brown - Martin Wittfooth -
Misha (from the mind of Paul Scheer) - Ralph Cosentino - Scott Campbell - Wade Schin - 64 Colors - Brent Nolasco -
Dave Pressler - Jason Limon - Jeremiah Ketner - Jesse Hernandez - Jon Burgerman - KaNo -
Leah Palmer - Lunabee - Motorbot - Nathan Spoor - Nemo - Pocketwookie - Reactor 88 - Scribe

This night will also have MANY surprises. You might want to line up early for this one."

I actually heard that there were already people lined up last night! Crazy. If i didnt have pneumonia I would be there for sure (more on that later....)

Here is comedian Paul Scheer announcing the secret show in front of Greg Simkins beautiful art.

Second to last, one of my good friends and fellow LOST art-contributor, Jeff McMillan, showed me a glimpse of HIS HUGE BEAUTIFUL piece for the show.

Damn, looks like he did my SECOND favorite scene, where they all inhaled the Black Smoke and all of their heads grew gigantically out of the mountains and they all accused each other of owning a VW bus but no one really KNEW who owned it. A secret i hope they finally reveal in the last season!

And lastly, though I figured you knew this already if you watched the show, but if not, I got to live a dream a couple of years ago as I actually did a brief acting stint on the show playing a mysterious voodoo-loving baseball player named Mr Eko who got trapped on the island after fellow teammate Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn threw a screwball and broke Eko's magic voodoo teleportation lamp. Getting a chance to act alongside such great people as The Stepfather and a guy from Party Of 5 that was the best 6 months of my life. I miss you guys<3

In closing. Go to the show. I wish i could. But in case you cant tell by this perfectly linear and to the point post, I'm heavily medicated. Word.