Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My piece for the JUXTAPOZ CHARITY AUCTION is up for bidding!

Hello you beautiful ponies.

As you may or may not know, JUXTAPOZ MAGAZINE has spent about a year collecting an INSANE amount of original art pieces and prints from seriously like 100 artists (myself included) to auction off online at Charity Buzz with all proceedings going towards PROJECT POWERHOUSE in Detroit, which is a really rad charity that is helping out some of the Detroit housing communities that have been hit the hardest in this severe time of economic crises.

Anyway, I have donated one of my pieces from my "Letters From Digested Children" Series and it comes framed and includes both the actual letter from the trapped child as well as the police report about the eaten child:) And it looks like this:

So yah, go bid on my piece BY CLICKING HERE if you are interested, and at least go check out all of the other art and artists that donated work to this auciton. its really like the craziest collection of art ever available at one place at one time. seriously. for reals. yes.

Direct link to bid/view my piece:

Direct link to view the whole auction:

You can find out more about the actual charity HERE:

And IN case you were wondering where i got my inspiration for my donated piece, which is called "DAVID THE SHARK HUNTER", you should know that, as usual, i looked no further than inside Stephen Baldwin's soul and watched this gem: