Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shia, Chadam, Sparks, Speed & Uncomfortableness, all in one place!

Are you as pissed as I am that that shitface from VH-1 had to go kill himself and force VH-1 to take away all of my TV??
Well, to fill your void (maybe) I uploaded a few videos the other day, some you might have missed, some you might be tired of, but regardless, here they are! Enjoy.

Official trailer for "CHADAM", my animated series coming out eventually from WB & HD Films. Seriously, I know its been a while, but its coming out great;)

One of the best weeks of my life. Directing voice-talents like these people was insane. Good times. And Sid Haig is a hypnotherapist, which is rad.

A segment from the comedy series "The Jace Hall Show" (jacehall.tv) where i am interviewed by goofy intern Corey about my upcoming Warner Bros Animated series CHADAM.

Invaded the home of Shia Labeouf and ruined his walls with love and cake.

Me, Sam Flores & N8 Van Dyke went on a little painting tour around the US with Upper Playground & SPARKS. This was our first stop, where we sweat a lot.

One of my favorite timelapse vids, simply because of the fan, and because of Gary's cameo.

Until next time....