Monday, August 3, 2009

"Frolicking Nightmares" Preview and Interview

In what is sure to be a minor epic adventure, I am packing up and getting ready to head out on a long drive to Bronco-Nugget Land, Denver, Colorado to set up my new solo art show. Amongst my framing, packing and sweating today, my fellow friend, neighbor and artist DAVE CORREIA sat down with me to ask me some questions about the show while he drooled a little on his bib. Enjoy the small preview, and I hope to see you there if you are a mountain dweller. Or a mountain goat. Or a bronco. Or awesome. Or all of the above.

CORREIA: So hopefully everyone that reads this will kinda know who you are and if not I don't really care because I'm a little drunk. So what are we here to talk about today?

ME: I just wanted to say a few words to let people know about my new solo 
show opening up at ANDENKEN GALLERY in Denver, CO on August 7, which I think is next Friday.

CORREIA: You THINK that? Or you know that?

ME: I actually know that. I didn't really want to sound like a know it all 

CORREIA: Knowing the days of the week isn't really that impressive of a feat. But ok. Congratulations. So, you usually have a semi-thought out theme for your solo shows. What's the name and theme of this show, if any?

ME: My themes usually start out as just a retarded idea that I think would 
be a funny one time painting and then I get hung up on the idea and it 
just kind of expands itself. This case is no different. The name of 
the show is "Frolicking Nightmares: Portraits of Beasts Who Dwell in a 
SEXIER Dimension".

CORREIA:What do you mean by "a sexier dimension?"

ME: Well, I always thought it would be awesome to create monsters that 
someone like Prince would like.

CORREIA: So these are gay monsters then?

ME: I'm not sure, I guess you'd have to ask them, but regardless, one of the 
things I'm trying to convey is that there's a difference between being 
homosexual and being SEXY. Especially in a sexier dimension. It's cool to 
think that some huge demented closet-monster can come out of the 
closet and scare the shit out of a kid but remain sexy while doing so.

CORREIA: You just said the monsters would "come out of the closet"? So they ARE admittedly gay?

ME: Dude it doesn't matter. You can't tell just by looking at them. And 
who cares. They are sexy. Period.

CORREIA: I'm still a little confused. Is sexy supposed to be scary?

ME: No, sexy is sexy. But I guarantee even at their sexiest, these monsters 
will fuck you up. And plus, I think it's awesome to imagine the 
lives that monsters could have outside of scaring people. Most of them 
are probably male models, or at least they'd wanna be if the economy 
was better. Being a male model is a rad dream. That's pretty much what I wanted to explore when creating these paintings.

CORREIA: Alright, that's cool. So what can we expect to see at the show, other than your awkward face?

ME: I did a whole new series of these sexy beast paintings that will be on 
display, as well as some new black and white drawings, and a bunch of 
little paintings of my new friends, Taco, Muerte, Apple and the rest 

CORREIA: Umm ok, should I even ask what the Ghost Boners are?

ME: You can ask. But you don't seem to understand "sexy", so you probably 
won't get the whole boner thing.

CORREIA: Alright aside from the paintings, anything else available at the show?

ME: There's also going to be a new limited print release at the opening as 
well, which is the "En Vogue" image that you see on the web-flyer. (above). It's a pretty sexy image.

CORREIA: Cool man well I'm glad i'm not going but i wish you luck.

ME: Thanks man. Stay sexy.

"Frolicking Nightmares"
New works by ALEX PARDEE
7 PM - 12 AM
990 Larimer Street
Denver, Colorado 80205