Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vomit Is Fraud

Periodically, I get sent some links to some art that is either a recreation of something I have done, or inspired by some various pieces, such as THIS ONE:

The original piece done by me.

And the recreation, with the following description underneath it:
"i am SO PROUD of this.
its a recreation of the original by the amazingly skilled Alex Pardee."

It's an awesome feeling that someone would spend time and energy drawing one of my pieces because I grew up redrawing other artists' pieces whether it was comic books, album covers, etc. I think that's an amazing way to learn techniques and problem solving and eventually flip it into your own.

With that being said, keep it up!

That is, unless you are the person who did this one:

The original, done by me.

And the recreation.

Now, that bottom piece is an amazing painting. But what was peculiar about it, was that the following description was underneath it:

"i dont really know what to say about this piece it was just a weird dream with a bunch of nonsense and color...
ps: for all those who think this is a RIP OFF OF ALEX PARDEE,
Fuck off!"

Hmmmm, that's an AMAZING coincidence. A guy skeleton, a girl skeleton (as You can tell by the bow), profile view, holding ONE hand, staring at each other, vomiting in each others faces, and the vomit turns into butterflies. And you are SELLING PRINTS OF IT???? Ok, I'll buy it. Good work, sir.

So yah, in short, redraw my shit, it makes me smile and feel really awesome. and i dont even really care if you dont mention me. but if you get called out on it, and you DENY it, and then try to MAKE MONEY off of that shit, I will re-open my mummy-filled sarcophagus and force that wrapped up gimp to curse you to infinite diarrhea and vengeful blood.
The end.