Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New SOLO Show, "Letters From Digested Children"

Each year, thousands of children turn up missing. Some are found. But most, unfortunately, are not. Many of the children are victims of abduction, some are runaways, and a large handful of them....have been EATEN by monsters.

However, the digestive system of many monsters is abnormally slow, and a large portion of these children that have been eaten are still ALIVE, patiently waiting to be saved.

Over the last year, from various parts of the country, i have gathered a selection of written S.O.S. letters from some of these children who are slowly being digested by the monsters that devoured them.

My new solo art exhibition, titled "Letters From Digested Children" will showcase those S.O.S letters, as well as all new artwork, installations, and portraits of some of the more popular child-eating monsters in honor of the children who have been wrongfully eaten, and slowly digested.

Here is the info for the show:

New drawings and paintings by

JAN 8th
252 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA 94117