Monday, August 25, 2008

Time To (LAZY)FACE Your Fears, Asshole.

Time to (Lazy)Face Your Fears, Asshole.

Hello everyone, Alex here.
Sorry for the lack of updates as of late, I know the ZEROFRIENDS STORE looks a little sparse right now on the apparel end, but that's a good thing, because it means we are sold out of a lot of products!
However, no need to fret just yet. We are working on some dope new products that will be coming out in the near future, and we will finally have some of my BUNNYWITH BOXED plush available for sale soon too!

In the meantime, we have JUST released 2 new prints from my LAZYFACE series that i did for the Lazyface show at UPPER PLAYGROUND's BERKELEY gallery.

Here is the description that i wrote up for the show to explain the little backstory behind the Lazyface series:

"My face feels like its melting.
Not because i have been drinking Deathklok riffs for breakfast.
And not because i decided to bob for apples in the Toxic Avenger's piss. just wake up, and your face feels like it's melting.
Like your face is too lazy to even tense itself up enough to keep all of your facial features intact, and the only cure is fear of failure."

These 2 prints are slightly smaller than our other prints (16' x 20") and also they are more limited (edition of 100), which means they are not only perfect for existing frames, but they are also cuter in every way.

"Riding the Purple Lazy Face" Giclee Print
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"Riding the Brown Lazy Face" Giclee Print
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By Alex Pardee.
Limited Edition Of 100.
16" x 20" Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag.
Each print is hand signed and numbered by Alex Pardee.

Or you can buy BOTH OF THEM AT ONCE AND SAVE $15!!!!
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