Monday, August 25, 2008

My "AWFUL / HOMESICK" Art Book Release!

I would like to officially announce the release of my very first legit-as-fuck ART BOOK, entitled:

"AWFUL / HOMESICK: The Art Of Alex Pardee"
Over 100 Pages, Full Color

Foreword by Jeben Berg.
Published by 5024SF / UPPER PLAYGROUND
I'm not positive but i THINK it's going to be $20.00.

Yes, i WILL be there in person to say hi and sign the books, along with signing an ultra limited screenprinted SKATEDECK that UPPER PLAYGROUND is releasing the same day!!!

The book will be available for purchase at additional stores and online a few weeks after that!

I have always dreamed of having my own art book. In the early 90's, I bought a small Taschen "HR GIGER" book for 9 dollars because it was damaged. I studied that thing. It was incredible, and oddly sexy. To see one of his paintings was mind-blowing enough, but to see them all collected in one Bible (this was before the internet don't forget) basically made me pee. Since then, I constantly imagined what it would feel like to have enough work to fill even a small book like that. "Well, shit, I've got a way to go, he's like 80 years old!" I said to myself. "I will NEVER get a book out!"

Now, thanks to Upper Playground and their faith in my work, as they release "AWFUL / HOMESICK", I am 50 fucking years AHEAD of HR GIGER!!! Sure, he's revolutionized a surreal movement, given life to the ancient airbrush, has designed some of the most iconic and famous movie sets and monsters, and shown (and been banned) in museums all over the world (and probably in space), and is probably rich enough to buy his own original art, but DID UPPER PLAYGROUND RELEASE HIS FIRST BOOK FIFTY YEARS AGO!!!??? Nope. So I win.

So...this is really exciting for me.
Check out some of the page-spreads from the book below, and come grab a copy of the book (as well as the new SORE THROAT DECK) at Upper Playground on Sept 7th, from 2-4 pm.

Upper Playground
220 Fillmore St. (at Haight St.)
San Francisco, CA
Phone: 415-861-1960

Book Cover:


The Skatedeck:

Come say hi.
I love you.
I think.