Thursday, August 28, 2008



First, it was the release of my super limited UPPER PLAYGROUND "SORE THROAT" Deck, and now
ANDY HOWELL (if you dont know who he is, delete 9 street cred points from your account) and I launched my new line of decks through Andy's new collective, ARTSPROJEKT! And that means that YES, among other designs, the "ESCAPED CONVICT(ION)" design IS NOW AVAILABLE ON A SKATEDECK!! So if you missed it when we sold out of the Giclee Print a while ago, now you can NOT ONLY get a rad high-quality print of it on WOOD (instead of old flimsy paper), BUT if you break up with your girlfriend cuz she drank all of your Mountain Dew and called you a faggot, you can USE THAT ESCAPED CONVICTION PRINT TO TRAVEL FAR AWAY FROM HER!!!!

Check out the first 8 designs that are AVAILABLE NOW HERE!!!

Direct Link to my store:

I was hesitant about this project at first, because most "print-directly-on-to-the-product" services that are available are pretty blah in the quality department, and I have tried so hard over the years to create and produce consistently quality products through companies like ZeroFriends & Upper Playground. But when Andy and I met up I actually got to see first-hand this insane technology and the quality of the final printed deck, and I was blown away. It seriously was like looking at a Giclee print ON A SKATE DECK!

So please, BOOKMARK MY ARTSPROJEKT STORE as I will be adding new products every so often. And every design is done specifically for this project. Some of the images you have seen before, but I will never simply throw an image on a board to sell it. If it doesnt look good on a board I wont do it. And all of the designs are the product of me finding the dopest looking way to present some of my favorite images. Now, if only the artist who designed my very first Valterra Zombie board that i got from K-Mart on layaway had a store on Artsprojekt i would be set!

Also, check out some of the other artists that have stores on there too, including some of my favorite artists like Jim Phillips, Shepard Fairey, Skinner, Steve Caballero, Ekundayo, & Mars-1, among others!

If I haven't drilled it into your head enough, below is some additional information about the project, the products, and a quote from the homie Shep.


REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ARTSPROJEKT,, an interactive and culturally relevant online community for the arts, pop culture and action sports announced its launch today. ARTSPROJEKT will feature original art, illustrations, and designs by artists, celebrities, action sports stars and micro brands, as well as offer artist profiles, portfolios, online product galleries, collaborations, artist interviews, and more. ARTSPROJEKT will also represent and manage artists, as well as host exhibitions curated by some of the best artists in the world, create limited and open edition reproductions of its artists’ works for sale worldwide, and establish working and collaborative relationships with major media brands. At launch, ARTSPROJEKT artists and brands include Lil Jon, Shepard Fairey / OBEY, Santa Cruz Skateboards, legendary skateboard artist Jim Phillips, Skateboarding Is Not A Crime, Bullet, Crooks & Castles, Blood Is The New Black, Hellz Bellz, Guttersnipe, legendary skateboard pro and artist Steve Caballero, Mars-1, Alex Pardee, and DALEK.

In addition, the company announced the launch of skateboards on-demand through its strategic relationship with Zazzle. Zazzle’s engineering team collaborated with Howell to develop a truly authentic product that is produced within 24 hours, a first for the industry.

The skateboard decks are seven-ply North American maple and supplied by PS Stix. Components are sourced from Santa Cruz, Independent trucks, Krux Trucks, and Ricta Wheel Dynamics. The end result is a highly technical product, backed by industry veterans.

"Skateboard graphics were one of the main things that inspired me to become an artist, so it goes without saying that I want my art to translate beautifully on skateboards,” said Shepard Fairey. “In the past, printing on a curved board surface had detail limitations or smudging could occur at the bends. The ARTSPROJEKT boards utilize new digital technology to create perfectly crisp graphics with impeccable detail."

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