Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Brown Thursday Is Almost HERE!" FREE PRINTS!


The most important part of the disease, I mean the announcement, is this:
We are giving away MORE FREE PRINTS THAN EVER BEFORE! So listen closely to the sound of your voice as you read along with the following information.
Our Brown Thursday Sale officially starts the night of Wednesday, Nov 27 at midnight eastern time (9PM pacific) and goes through Dec 8th or until supplies last.

Spend $25 or more (before shipping) on any combination of items on ZEROFRIENDS.COM and receive your choice of ONE of these two signed, numbered limited edition 8"x10" prints from ALEX PARDEE and DAVE CORREIA.

Choose from "The Pilgrim of Death" By Alex Pardee (Limited edition of 400) or "TurKid" by Dave Correia (Limited Edition of 400).
Please note in the comments section upon checkout which of the two prints you would like (if no print is specified we will send you one of the two at random). Offer good until ALL Prints are gone. Limit ONE per household while supplies last.

But that's only PART of the good part! 
Spend $50 (before shipping) and get BOTH of these 8"x10" prints for FREE! Limit ONE EACH per household while supplies last.

No need to add these prints to your shopping cart, we will automatically ship them to every qualifying order.

But OH MY GOD! That's STILL not the best part! 
Spend $150 and get one of these super-limited signed 8"x20" "Trail Of The Pilgrim" print by Alex Pardee (edition of 100). Offer good until ALL Prints are gone. Limit ONE per household while supplies last.


And an even BETTER part of this whole deal is that you don't have to wait until someone let's you in from the cold to fistfight someone to get deals! You can do it from the safety of on-your-butt starting on the night of Nov 27th at midnight (eastern, 9PM pacific)!

That's right, an entire day before some of you hoarders line up at Best Buy to get a 3-D TV you'll never watch and a Hunger Games Blu Ray for 4 dollars, you can ON-LINE UP at Zerofriends.com and check out, alongside BRAND NEW PRODUCTS, the new (temporary) slashed prices on a few Different Signed Limited Giclee Prints, all of our 8" x 10" prints and 5" x 7" prints are on sale, as well all of our t-shirts!
Sale officially starts MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME (9PM Pacific) on Weds night (Nov 27)

Step by step instructions without illustrations:

1. Go to ZEROFRIENDS.COM, where, at the time of the sale, we will be putting up brand new t-shirts, new girls' shirts, new prints, restocking our hoodies, and more! (you can see previews below!)

2. Look around at some of the BRAND NEW PRODUCTS and take a look at some of the sale items.

3. Take notes. Smile

4. Starting On Brown Thursday (technically Wrad Wednesday night), Nov 28, (Officially starts midnight Wednesday night at midnight Eastern Standard Time) Purchase ANY combination of items equalling $25 or more before shipping and receive, along with your order, your choice of ONE of two free 8" x 10" signed & numbered print of Alex Pardee's "Pilgrim of Death" (limited edition of 400) or Dave Correia's "TurKid" (limited edition of 400)*
Spend $50 or more before shipping and receive BOTH of the free prints!

4.5. Purchase ANY combination of items equalling $150 or more and receive, in addition to the two free 8" x 10"s, a FREE 8" x 20" signed and numbered print of Alex Pardee's "Trail of the Pilgrim" Painting, totaling 3 free prints.


*Limit of ONE free print of each print per HOUSEHOLD. While supplies last.

Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you from all of us here at ZEROFRIENDS.
See you invisibly there!

(below are just previews. some old, some new. not everything is available just yet, but even on the products that are, if you want to get a free print you should probably wait or something! Good advice!)