Wednesday, December 4, 2013


This is both a Public Service Announcement AND a 72-Hour-Limited Edition Timed-Released Print announcement, but for public services.

According the Official Random USA poll a few years ago, an estimated one third of all Americans believe aliens have visited the planet Earth, and of these a large percentage believed alien abductions were happening frequently.

And according to reliable and accurate sources The History Channel and Animal Planet, Alien abductions can occur at anytime of the day or night and they have happened in both big cities as well as isolated outlying areas.

In numerous very detailed accounts, a light is observed outside the bedroom window and shines in filling the room. Then, aliens generally enter the room either through the doorway or walls. In some cases the victim simply awakens to find them standing by the bed. Then they get kidnapped. 

However, there are a few documented cases where the aliens don't immediately abduct the person. Sometimes, they hide in the victim's closets or, more specifically, in their giant toys. 

Big tin foil hats and weird glasses are known to protect you from alien visits, but those are stupid ideas, so instead, in order to help defend yourself from these harbingers of anal-probing, get one of these very practical and very limited "DigesTED: The Alien Prevention Edition" prints seen above (that will only be available for 72 hours) and hang it up in your room in order to inform the aliens that "Hey guys, check out this print, I know what's up and what your plans are, and I'm prepared, so I'm ahead of you. Go back to Melmac now, and stop your weird visits, thanks!"

"DigesTED: The Alien Prevention Edition"
Limited Edition Timed Release Giclee Print
Starting THIS FRIDAY, Dec 6 at Midnight (Eastern, 9PM Thursday night Pacific)
And ending SUNDAY, Dec 8 at Midnight (Eastern)
Signed And Numbered By Alex Pardee
20" x 16"

At the end of the 72 hour time period, the exact number of prints that we sell will be the exact number of prints released for the edition. So, if only 3 people, one spam email and one armadillo buys them, then the edition will be 5. Cool? We think so!

So yes, from December 6, starting at 12:01 AM (eastern) all the way through December 8 at 11:59 PM and any single minute in between those times, you can purchase this new "DigesTED: The Alien Prevention Edition" Limited Edition Print (as seen above) either online at ZEROFRIENDS.COM or in person at our Zerofriends Retail Store in San Francisco.

Our San Francisco store is located at:

419 Haight St (Lower Haight)
San Francisco, CA

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