Monday, February 25, 2013

Zerofriends Does Emerald City In The...Weekend

Alright, we are off to Seattle to see the Wizard, or at least expose who the man is behind the curtain that's been emailing us close-up photos of street-vomit for 2 weeks straight is.

Yep, Zerofriends is setting up shop at the EMERALD CITY COMIC CON this weekend where we will be releasing new stuff (Including a rad Emerald City EXCLUSIVE limited print) and signing and sketching on flat pieces of slaughtered trees to people who wait single file in a line at a certain time. Sound good? GOOD! There are a ton of other guests at this con who I can't wait to try to stalk, so if you are in the area, you should go nerd-out here with us.

Zerofriends will be hanging there with ME (see signing schedule below), DAVE CORREIA (who will also be releasing a couple new prints, see below), Chloe Rice and a couple of other (zero)friends who will be floating around with us . So say whats up. Or DON'T! 
It's your funeral...

Here's all of the info and scheduling.
ZEROFRIENDS BOOTH #809 (by a gigantic wall of superhero t-shirts that are by no means fit for actual superheroes. you know...cuz they are t-shirts. that are pretending.)


March 1st - 3rd

Washington State Convention Center

Seattle, WA


Saturday, March 2 @ 2- 4PM

Sunday, March 3 @ 2-4PM.

Here's a few of our new products that will be for sale along with a TON of stuff from our current merchandise available on our online store

First up, our super limited edition Emerald City EXCLUSIVE PRINT.

"Breathing Architecture: The Emerald City Variant"
By Alex Pardee
16" x 20"
Extremely limited edition of 30. Signed and numbered in angelic emerald blood by Alex (me) Pardee. $50 each.
And March 1st, which is the first day of the con, this little demonic print gets released both in person and online.
"The Dream Gobbler" Limited Edition.

And I have a handful of more brand new limited (and non-limited) prints getting released at the con as well. Here's a selection of them:

And the silly DAVE CORREIA will also be unleashing some amazing new limited prints as well. Here's a taste of his....prints.

All of these prints (with the exception of the Emerald City exclusive) will be available online after the convention. See you weirdos there!!!!!
BOOTH #809!