Monday, February 4, 2013

Free stickers!!!!!

Being friends with Lisa Frank had it's perks back in the 80's. I got let into all of the awesome Trapper-Keeper trading parties. I got front row seats to the glitter parades. I got to paint technicolor spots on blank damatian puppies. I got to ride TWO dolphins into the sunset. And most of all, I had an unlimited amount of cool stickers. Well, after Lisa Frank dyed, i mean DIED, back in a terrible rainbow accident in the late 90's, I've been completely without stickers. It's been pretty traumatizing. That is, until my good friends over at STICKER ROBOT started showering me in what's been missing in my sticker-less life! After I got some die cut stickers from them I actually had enough stickers to take a shower in. It felt great.
We have so many stickers now that, starting today, any order placed online at my webstore ZEROFRIENDS.COM will receive a handful of Zerofriends silkscreen die cut stickers courtesy of Sticker Robot and Lisa Frank's death! Offer only lasts during Lisa Frank's death, or until we run out of stickers. So now's the time to buy some of the marked-down shirts or prints we have because then not only do you get a deal, but you get a STICKY deal on top of a deal! DEALS ON DEALS! Meals on wheels! We love you!