Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tu'Mor Recap #1!

This weekend marked the opening of my first solo art show in the ultra-inspiring Empire State at Tara McPherson's COTTON CANDY MACHINE where I also attempted to turn an art show into an interactive ongoing game show, complete with prizes, a host (me, as Tu'Maury Povich), a lovely co-host (Chloe, as Vanna White-Blood-Cell), and an announcer (Sean, as The Leopard).
The actual game show part of the event went a lot smoother than how I can imagine a real game show even going, so for that, I thank all of YOU!
Then after the game show part we just hung out and let everyone watch me try to draw with one eye while standing up. It was amazing.
The show will be on display at the gallery for the rest of the month and the originals will go up for sale online very soon, so if you are in Williamsburg, make sure you stop by and check it out, as Cotton Candy Machine also carries a ton of Zerofriends products too. Curious about how the "game" part was played? This video should tell you.

We are currently working on a full video so that you can see/play the whole game so until then I'm holding back on showing a lot of the paintings, but meanwhile check out some of the photos from opening day and night, where shit got weird, shot amazingly by Chloe Rice.