Sunday, June 3, 2012


Simply put, nothing has had the creative impact on me as much as Chloe Rice has. My whole life I have always lived in multiple imaginary worlds to escape a lot of the aspects of the world I live in. But after going on adventure after adventure with her, one of the things that fascinated me about her brain is the ability to inject those imaginary worlds into the one we are living in. All of a sudden, in addition to sitting in the dark imagining a world where people have animals living inside their deformities, or where rabbits with no arms can be comedians, and that everyone rides on the back of metropolis-sized cities, I am now noticing those things while walking around in the streets. I'm noticing when fire hydrants are waiting for the bus. When trees look like they are hugging, or at least trying to hit on light poles, that when laying upside down, most dogs look like Martin Short, and that there are a ton of creatures living amongst us that I never noticed before. I look at existing things and existing shapes in a way I have never done so before. Even my new upcoming art show is based around seeing shapes in a different way. It's been an amazing realization.
So with all that being said, it makes me super excited to share CHLOE'S NEW ETSY STORE with all of her handmade felt creature toys, called "HEART FELT"!
Stumbling upon a strange gun with a little felt heart on it, Chloe accidentally pointed it at an angry squirrel and POOF, it turned that angry squirrel into a fun and playful huggable friend. There's rebelious teeth that have crowned one of there own a king. There's sitcom-and-Costco loving Lampreys, polite Yeti's, and more!
So if you get a chance, take a trip through her store (with more one-of-a-kind, handmade creatures being added regularly) to see some of her creations while they are still available to adopt! Hugging has never FELT so good!