Sunday, June 17, 2012

Now! The "Tu'Maury Povich Show!"

Hello, middle american maniacs! Tu'maury Povich here!! Tu'day is Father's Day, and I am excited to share with you one of my favorite episodes of my show.

Last week, we did something a little different on the Tu'maury show. Taking place off site, in a magical location called the Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, NY, we had special guest artist Alex Pardee create a game show where the audience had to look at famous silhouettes and GUESS if the character beneath had a tumor or not! Everyone got prizes, laughs were had and NO ONE found out they weren't the father of any of their 9 children. It was glorious.

Now, with the help of my editor and co-host, Vanna White-Blood-Cell", you can (kinda) play along on your computer as we reveal all of Alex's artwork from the show in this clip from our show!

And don't forget, all of these original paintings, plus even more than you see here, are NOW UP FOR SALE on COTTON CANDY MACHINE'S ONLINE STORE. Enjoy the show!