Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Night Of The Treeple" Re-Release!

RE-TWEET? Nah, more like RE-"TREE"T!!

That is correct, after over 3 years, Zerofriends is finally re-launching one of my favorite properties that I've created over the years, called "NIGHT OF THE TREEPLE".

As of now, we have just released all of the below images as LIMITED EDITION giclee prints, which have never been available as giclee prints before now, and we will follow up shortly in the future with a full line of t-shirts based on these designs.

Butt first….I mean but first…

In case you live in the sewers with the CHUDs and Joe Paterno's secrets, and you missed this video floating around on the information superhighway a few years back, take a second to witness this recently (as in, 2008) uncovered trailer to a lost gem of a movie from the late 70's, somehow starring "Future Me" since in the late 70's i was 2 years old. But don't pay attention to that. Just pay attention to all of the Awesome contained here:

Now that you know all about Ross going to the gym and Ted and his unfortunate transformation into a killer tree, here is a little more about the inception of the project and exactly what i was TREEing to accomplish with it. Tree what i did there?

The idea behind the whole project was basically that I wanted to create a line of prints and clothing that was both an homage to a genre of film that I love (70's and 80's horror / exploitation films), as well as a catalyst to introduce a new way of presenting art and apparel as a way of telling a story visually. In a way, the "Treeple" line is my own personal and original version of a 1970's exploitation horror film, as told through my art and apparel.
I wanted to create "A Cinematic Apparel Line".

In an era where gorgeous models fought aliens in space (Barbarella), where a group of farmers buried people in the dirt and harvested their heads (Motel Hell), where the government was ALWAYS at fault for negligence, where alien plants took took over and replicated humans (Invasion of the Body Snatchers), deformed siamese twins became evil serial killers (Basket Case), and toxic waste was EVERYWHERE (Toxic Avenger, Empire of the ants, Food of the Gods, Robocop, etc), it was apparent that the reality of the story never mattered, it was simply fun and new to explore the "What if's?" of storytelling and filmmaking.
So I asked "What if toxic waste made trees attack humans and turn them into some kind of tree/zombie/slasher hybrid?! Like mother nature's revenge for neglect."

So yah, that's the deal. I'm not saying there WON'T be a whole "Night of the Treeple" movie since we had a fucking blast making the trailer, but for now, be on the lookout for the new "Night of the Treeple" prints that are AVAILABLE NOW and apparel available very soon, both through my apparel company, ZEROFRIENDS.

Click HERE or on any of the images to view and purchase these limited prints.

And for fun, here's a couple of behind the scenes shots from making the trailer: