Monday, November 28, 2011


Over the last couple of months, due to a smorgasbord of adventures and emotions, the synapses in my brain have shape-shifted, changed the way they transmit neurons and have been causing my brain to experience a whole new view on the world around me, both challenging and inspiring me even more than watching seven new seasons in a row of Tales From The Crypt from inside a space shuttle that turns out to be a real transformer. I've just been kind of looking at everything in my life from a slightly different perspective and soaking it in as if it's the first time. I can't stop smiling. And guess what? It's awesome. It's like re-watching The Matrix AFTER being convincingly told that you're IN the Matrix. More on that later, after I figure out what to do with my new love for kites, mimes, Totoro and kidnapping.

Keeping my new brain-morphing in mind, I've always pretty much accepted and appreciated all kinds of art. Hell I even think The Human Centipede director TOM SIX'S "Shocking" Paintings have some genuine artistic value. So generally, I have always appreciated Andy Warhol's approach to his work, his social and economical commentaries, the implementation of his "factory" and the insanely huge impact it's all had on pop culture and modern art. However, I never really gave two shits about the actual aesthetics of the art itself. But what i DO give multiple shits about now is having fun, splattering paint, making puns that most likely only Chloe or Keith would appreciate, and now selfishly realizing that, with photoshop, still-working eyes and a little imagination, I can see every part of the world in a brand NEW way, even if it involves butchering the world the way mother nature and some art-hippies intended it to exist.

So on that note, I know Andy Warhol made some inkblot paintings, which I learned about last year from a very well-versed teacher named JAY-Z who wrote books or something. But from what I could find, everyone, including Andy himself, failed to see the pun that was sitting in plain site. So I took it upon myself to continue to butcher things that people like in order to make myself smile. And it worked. I totally like Andy Warhol's art now! And I like his name better too!