Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm signing books and babies in Denver & Salt Lake City!

Hello there,
A majority of my wits and snarky attempts at crude humor have been stripped away by my dentist who may or may not actually be a personified demon, so I will keep this short.
First it was Las Vegas. And though I am still mentally recovering from getting levitated by David Copperfield and gaining a new DJ friend to add to my list of Zerofriends, I'm hopping in my Sweet Pickles Bus and my extremely intimate "Awful/Resilient" Book-signing tour is taking both DENVER & SALT LAKE CITY by tiny storm THIS WEEKEND!

DENVER on Friday ( June 17th) evening, and Salt Lake City on Saturday (June 18th) afternoon.

Here is all of the detailed info, and remember, my "Awful/Resilient" book will be available to purchase at both signings but you don't have to purchase the book to come say hi. Already have the book? Bring it down, i'll chickenscratch in it. Have other books of mine that would be WAY prettier with a blue sharpie scribble that covers up the artwork? Bring 'em down. I'm even open to signing babies, loafs of bread, shields, and burritos.

555 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO

At this special event, my "Awful/Resilient" book comes packaged with an exclusive limited edition 10" x 8" signed giclee print (See below) and will be sold together for $43.00.
If you already have the book, the print will be available to buy exclusively at the gallery for $17.50. For more info you can check out Black Book Gallery's website.

The print that will be available at BLACK BOOK GALLERY:

15 E 400 S
Salt Lake City, Utah

Blonde Grizzly is the best gallery & boutique in Salt Lake City so if you haven't checked it out before, now is a better time than ever. They also are an official retailer of Zerofriends merch so they will also have a ton of my shirts and prints for sale as well. Hope to see your beautiful, non-spitting-in-my-face faces there!

Also, if you haven't checked out ourZEROFRIENDS ONLINE STORE in a while, we RE-STOCKED on a few items, including the "Backpack" Tee, "Father Killer" Tee and a brand new HOODIE!