Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Alex Pardee x OCC LTD COFFEE For Charity!

If you follow my Twitter or Facebook, you know that I torture myself endlessly with de-voiding myself of sleep so that I can double up the amount of hours in the day. That makes sense right?? Well, to counter a lot of the madness, I started drinking coffee. I was never much of a coffee drinker until lately. I started with the gateway drug that is Frappucinos, then segwayed into mochas, then to Chai lattes, then to iced coffee, then to straight up wonderful roasted organic beauty. So, as someone who can attest to coffee (while maybe not being the BEST substitute for sleep I can find) being insanely clutch in work situations, and as someone who loves helping out any organization if in even the smallest way possible, I recently teamed up with one of the best photographers in the world, CLAY ENOS, who also happens to run one of the coolest charity programs ever called the ORGANIC COFFE CARTEL, where he travels the world to find the BEST organic roasted coffee beans, teams up with artists to design the labels, sells ULTRA limited packages of both the coffee and the removable, numbered label/print, and donates all of the profits to various charities around the world. Clay Enos and OCC really are some superheroes. WIth that being said, I highly suggest you take some time to check out OCC's limited coffee/art packages (there's a beautiful one from Molly Crabapple) and try out some of Clay's personal picks of wild coffee from his wild adventures. And I don't use the term wild loosely. The dude dives all over the world in a Vespa, befriends local villages, hunts for coffee beans, and fights savage beasts in the wild that mistake his Vespa for a large turkey leg. Show Clay some love, and check out the label we made for my Limited Edition run!!! Click on either pic or RIGHT HEREto go see/purchase the coffee.

Oh, and I got to create my flavor too, which I HAD to put caramel in there. You know, just a little.

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