Thursday, May 20, 2010


You know, this got released while Dave & I were on the road being nomads, so I apologize for being late on this, but check it out if you haven't already seen this. My good homies in Linkin Park did something that no other band has done right yet, but they got it right. The created a full-on, from the ground up, original game for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch called "8 Bit Rebellion."  It's a RPG / Massively Multiplayer game inspired by some of their favorite old school, 8 Bit Nintendo games. And just knowing the dudes and knowing that they are all genuinely influenced by this culture and do LOVE this stuff, it's cool to see that they were able to pull this off to this degree. Congrats, my friends.
So check out this trailer for the game and below are the direct links that you can get the different versions. The whole community aspect of it is awesome too. Check it:

Here's the game on iPhone / iPod Touch

Here's the game on iPad