Monday, April 21, 2008

I need your ASS...istance

Hola everyone.
Alex Pardee here.
I to ask a huge favor from anyone / everyone.

A year or so ago, me, along with a group of my good friends and collaborators started ZEROFRIENDS, an art/video/music/business collective, which has been somewhat of a dream of all of ours for years.
Though ZEROFRIENDS will eventually expand larger than Raven Simone's stretch pants, for the last few months we have focused on creating exciting, high-quality apparel and Giclee art prints of some of my favorite work.
Things have been going rad, business is increasing, and we appreciate all of the support that you guys have been showing us, but when we started ZEROFRIENDS, we made a goal that within a year, ONE of the following events would occur:

1. Zerofriends would make it to the NBA Playoffs, despite Darren's bunk ankle.
2. Zerofriends would appear on that heinous dance show that Randy Jackson thinks he's part of where every ethnicity in the world wears outfits from old episodes of IN LIVING COLOR and pretends to have epilepsy in unison, and then people talk about it or something.
3. Zerofriends would save a cat from a burning time machine.
4. Zerofriends would have more customers and friends than we ever thought possible.

Unfortunately, throughout the year the first 3 have been eliminated from the list due to certain aspects of life, so we are left with #4:

"Zerofriends would have more customers and friends than we ever thought possible."

This is where you come in.
I need your help in spreading the word about Zerofriends so we can continue to increase our quality and quantity of products for you, my faithful supporters.
We have some exciting new projects and products coming up in the future that may only be possible with your help with spreading the word and letting people know about Zerofriends.

Please Re-post this bulletin, verbally tell your friends, write "ZEROFRIENDS IS NOT SUPER DUMB" on your forehead, and / or, more importantly, take a minute to visit the store and check out the art and the products that we have for sale.
Without you, Zerofriends would just be...umm...Zero.

PS. We created a secret coupon specifically for anyone who is awesome enough to read this whole thing.

USE COUPON CODE "HELLO" TO RECIEVE 10% ON YOUR FIRST ORDER (if you're already a customer, you can still use the "HELLO" code on your next order).

Thanks again for all of your support.

Alex Pardee