Monday, April 28, 2008

Cutthroat Island

Jon Dragonette and I collaborated on a photo for an Upper Playground magazine ad and it turned out effin sweeeeet, like the frosting on an apple fritter. Shut up. YES, i put frosting on my apple fritters. Ridiculous frosting that is made of clouds and sugar and car parts and troll tears. Its delicious.

So, after i ingested every color of house paint, we slit open my neck and froze the arterial spray in time with Jon's flash.
And now, the ad is running in a bunch of magazines this month, like Juxtapoz, Mass Appeal, VIce, and maybe more, so keep your eyes open. Hope you like it.

We had fun, and Jon decided to celebrate the debaucherous photo shoot by getting a skateboarding ticket an hour later. He rules.

PS, Jon's photography is awesome, and he just launched his new portfolio site, which you should CHECK OUT HERE