Monday, April 28, 2008

Citrus Report Interview

I don't talk to people through telephones very much. Apologetically, that includes my parents and good friends most of the time. Not solely because I'm a dick, but because I have seen every Asian horror movie about unexplainable technology ghosts that exist inside fiber optics and satellite signals and, even though NOT ONE OF THEM makes an ounce of believable sense, I am convinced that bad technology ghosts are real. And they camp out inside my Blackberry.

So fuck that.

However, Brad from the Citrus Report secured a LAN line that we ran through many poltergeist tests and determined that it was safe for me to transmit my voice signals through without the fear of getting eaten by an imaginary thing that makes loud noises and looks like a dumb kid.

With that said, here is an interview that I did for the Citrus Report shortly before the opening of OWLEX in Portland back in December.


Photo by Jon Dragonette