Monday, September 17, 2007

Painting The Krate

As part of the Upper Playground / Spark's "Ignite What's Next Tour", I joined forces with my good friends Dave Choe and Saber like a version of Voltron that is so bad ass that we dont need FIVE cat-robots to make a giant unstoppable force, we only need us 3. Unfortunately, i'm the messy one. The one that needs artistic supervison, and the one who is still scared to talk to a lot of people. But I was in good hands in Santa Cruz, murder capital of the world (according to The Lost Boys), thanks to Dave, Saber, and the crew in charge of The Krate.
Go check it out if you are ever there visiting the place where Keifer Sutherland uttered my favorite line in movie history, "Maggots, Michael. You are eating maggots."

My neck was feeling unusually unruly that day and decided to expand its mass as I began painting:

Saber and I becoming one with the mess:

One of my favorite pictures of Dave ever. Photo by Jon Dragonette:

My finished piece:

Dave Choe's finished addition:

SABER's insane city scape where i wish i lived:

I decided that the door at the neighboring toy store needed a no-armed-bunk-dark-crystal-knock-off-thing-with-a-riding-friend" since it seemed to be lacking one.

And the photo that sums up everything pretty well (photo by CW Mihlberger):