Monday, September 17, 2007

Atlanta Skate Park Charity Auction

Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris, T.I., Outkast, Young Jeezy, Bonecrusher, and Cee-lo are all getting together to have a huge art auction to build a skate park in Atlanta! Oh, wait, my mistake, no they aren't, it turns out that there are COOLER people in Atlanta that care more about skateboarding and kids than ANY of the hip hop giants.
Zak Cochran and the Kennesaw Crew have been raising funds to build a skatepark in Atlanta. There will be an auction for a ton of skate decks painted by a hojillion rad artists including David Carson, Faile, Tim Biskup, Shepard Fairey, Don Pendleton, Sam Flores, Guy Burwell, Sage Vaughn, Duncan Jago, Mike Giant, Johnny Mojo, Emek, BAST and more.
Here is my contribution to the auction.
Im not sure when and where it will be, but i'll let you know when i find out.
for more info, go HERE


In Progress:

El Finishio: